Automate Upload Attachement from Gmail to Drive

How to re-assign file name of attachment from Gmail to Drive automatically. Like the file name should have sequence for instance like number or date received maybe?

Thanks guys!

Hi @JB,

What you can do is, In the Upload Section of Google Drive, Click the Map Options in the file that will present you with the name and file data, from there you can modify the filename as required.

You can use this formula to get the file extension,

{{last(split(2.fileName; "."))}}

And, To change the filename, for eg. if you want to send a date and time, you can simply do this,

{{formatDate(now; "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm")}}.{{last(split(2.fileName; "."))}}

Dear @Runcorn, thank you su much! Big help. Now, I’m encountering error with (scenario is paused (exceeded limits). Can’t able to to pin point, what went wrong.

Go to your Organizations and see if you have any operation left, On Free Tier Make allows you to use 1000 operations per month, so you might have exhausted the allowed operation.


Hi @Runcorn, I have successfully run the scenario! Many thanks for your help, you’re a Star!

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