Automating copy for a social post with HTML formatting so it appears correctly formatted when posted

When I get text/copy outputs from GPTs they enclose the headings, subheadings and paragraphs with ### and ***.

I usually request the output is in Markdown.

I then automatically paste the output into a google sheet for review and approval / edit. However when it is posted (using an automation) all the nice formatting that should nicely present the content is lost. No bold headlines, sometimes no line breaks, loss of colours etc.

What should be done either in the scenario, or more especially from Google sheet to LinkedIn / Facebook / Medium etc module to ensure the intended formatting is carried and displayed when posted in the social channel.?

Below is an example of some outputs but I also sometimes choose HTML.

Text formatting isn’t great in Sheets, but if you really want to do it,

According to the Sheets API spreadsheets.batchUpdate method,

You need to send a TextFormatRun request to bold part of a cell, similarly with italics.

For more information, see

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OK Sam thank you - I will take a look at that.