Automating Notion Sharing Settings with Make

Hi all and thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

I’m rather new to make but the potential of it is quite amazing so i’m starting with a rather big challenge right away :sweat_smile:

I’m basically trying to automate a enrolment process for an online course using Make and Notion.
The basic journey is:
•Prospect lands on a Notion page where he has to fill basic information and proof of payment
•Application is validated manually through an admin dashboard on notion
•Student gets access to the course’s page and any other relevant information

The tricky step is in the sharing of the pages. Because every prospect needs his own enrolment page, one needs to be created every time a new prospect starts his process. We can’t have one page with the personal data of all the prospects.

I couldn’t find a way/solution to automate my pages’ sharing settings through Make, otherwise I would’ve done:
1.Prospect registers email (through a form)
2.Automatically create an enrolment page on Notion and share it (only) with the prospect
3.Track progress through an admin dashboard. Once process is validated, share the course’s page with the prospect.

The solution I’ve found so far is to create a public enrolment page template which the student duplicates. He then shares it with the admin account, I automate Make to keep track of the pages shared with me and collect all the data in an admin dashboard.
Once an application is validated, I automatically transform the enrolment page into a student area with a link to the course’s page.
This solution however has a series of security issues as you can imagine, for instance the fact that the access to the course page (with material and links) would be through a link and therefore quite public, the many actions required and the fact that the student would be the admin of his student area.

:pray: If you have any ideas as to how I could get around this you could be saving me from hours of head scratching (not that head scratching is a bad thing, rather the opposite, i’m just scared for my scalp :innocent: )

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Arthur_DWS, it sounds like you would like to share a Notion page automatically with the prospect when they submit a form. This would require accessing Notion’s “share” feature programmatically through Make/API. At the moment, the “share” feature is not supported in the Notion API (see documentation with all the available endpoints here).

So, as far as I can tell, unfortunately, it may not be possible to automate your entire workflow yet. What you could do is this:

  1. When the form is submitted
  2. Create a Notion page in your database
  3. Notify yourself/member of the team (via email or Notion itself) that a new Notion page has been created
  4. You/team member head over to Notion and share that page with the student

Hi Simo!

Appreciate your swift reply!
I feared this answer… The whole challenge really is to automate it. I’ll have to look either at the API or end up with a specialised e-learning Software :smiling_face_with_tear:

Do you know if there are any plans to make this available in the future?

Thank you for the input! :pray:

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There’s no mention of this in the public Notion roadmap, so I don’t know either, unfortunately


Hi! Instead of granting access, you could email course content to students.

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