Linkedin/Notion/Buffer scenario to automate posts with ChatGPT

Hi! I am new to the make community and I tried to make - at least for me - some kind of a bigger scenario

I wanted to start it with Notion, to search the database for new inputs - in my case it would be a text
Then I am adding 2 modules from OpenAi, one will rewrite my text and the second one will give me a title according to rewritten text.
After that, I used a router that goes to the notion module, which will mark posts as published and ignore them to do the rest of my posts.
The second line from the router goes to HTML/CSS to image, where I want to make an image from my template that will have a title on it from the OpenAi module and here I have a question. Is there any chance to make it easier? I have 3 more templates to use for posting and I want to use them randomly for posts and every time there must be title made by OpenAi . How can I achieve that?
Finally everything is updated in Notion and sent to a buffer, to schedule my posts.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows a faster/better option to do automation I want to make or maybe someone can help me with notion. As I said I want to create randomly from my 3/4 ready to go templates and titles from OpenAi graphics for LinkedIn. It would be great if there is even a chance to add something like an avatar and name of a person on this graphic - similar to a twitter look.
Here is my scenario: