Basecamp 3 to-do creation - assigned to not working


I created a scenario where data is read from a Google Sheets doc and used to create todo lists and todos in Basecamp 3. Pretty much all works as expected, when I run a scenario the todo lists are created, and all the todos are created with todo names, due dates, etc. pulled from the sheets correclty.

But there is a field in google sheets that has “assigned to” data. It is definitely properly mapped like other fields and is only populated with my name “Filip”. In my basecamp project I am the only user, and my basecamp name is also “Filip”. However, the todos simply won’t assign to me, they just stay unassigned. I am new to so not sure what the issue could be, it seems that it should just work.

Any help is greatly appreciated (as I am working on this automation to improve some in house processes at work, and if I manage to do this I’ll be regarded as king at my work :smiley: )

Hello @Filip_Spasic,

I am not too familiar with Basecamp, but with these situations a field involving a user will typically take either an email address or the user’s underlying ID.

I would suggest you post more detail, specifically the name of the “Assigned To” field you’re using in the Basecamp module.

Looking at the API docs for Basecamp it looks like you do need to specify an ID

Get the ID from “Get People” endpoint. There may already be a module for it in Make.


Hey Donald, thanks for the answer! You are correct, though I managed to find the solution just bit before you responded :slight_smile:
I made a small scenario where I list all people from the basecamp project and when it pulled the data I noticed there is a person_ID field. I then placed that ID in my spreadsheet and it actually assigned the todo to me. When I realized that, I just created some simple logic for the module to read the names in the cells and use switch to find the corresponding person_id to assign the todo to. Thanks in any case!


That’s good to hear you got it resolved!