Basic best practice for Make to run an automation only when new data is received

Looking for basic best practice for Make to only run the automation when new data is received. I tried using an Airtable set up with a Make Watch for new records, but the setting to run the campaign is still set to schedule, or every 15 minutes, hour etc. I don’t want that, I want to run the automation on demand when new data arrives. Am I missing something for I saw in a YouTube tutorial where Make did have a setting to run “immediately as data arrives”

All Im utimatly trying to do is someone on a website fills out a form (now using Airtable), and when the form is sent, it gets processed (usung chat gpt). I just want it as the form gets filled out, not the Make command to run every 15/30/60 minutes.

Thanks peeps!

There are two main types of triggers, Polling (scheduled), and Instant (webhooks). Polling triggers can only run on a schedule. Instant triggers can be run as soon as data is received by the webhook.

To find out more on the different types of Trigger modules, see refer to Types of Modules and Webhooks sections of the Make help center.

See if your app has an “Instant” or “Webhook” trigger in Make. If not, check if the third-party service has a feature that can send out a webhooks when content is created/updated - and then you can point it to a “Custom Webhook” trigger in your scenario.