Basic Operators Clarification

In this example, the input variable Clinic does contain “Deena”

I am confused as to why this results in B

Whereas this results in A

I thought that the first example should produce A and the second Example should produce B


Both expressions will ALWAYS return the same results regardless of the value of 33.Clinic.

The first is comparing a boolean value to a string which will always be false… giving B.
The second, is joining a boolean value to a string then coercing the string to boolean which will always be true… giving A.

The correct syntax for the expression should be:
{{if(contains(33.Clinic; "Deena") = true; "A"; "B")}}
which looks something like:

or, as the compairison to image is redundant, simply:

{{if(contains(33.Clinic; "Deena"); "A"; "B")}}

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