Basic Question(?) - Routing and getting data from another path


I suspect this is an obvious question but I can’t figure it out - any help welcomed!

I have a fairly simply automation setup where, if someone wants to add an update to a line in monday they include the item name in their email subject line (examples of item name would be 23300 or 13153).

blueprint.json (94.4 KB)

However, I want attachments with that email to be copied to a Google Drive, and then the link to that file in Drive included in the update in monday.

I’ve got it all built and functioning… but how can I capture the link from google drive when it exists on another path in You can see in my images and blueprint i’ve inserted a ‘Search for Files and folders’ but then the whole thing errors when there is no attachment.

Any help welcomed :slight_smile:

You can just use an iterator and aggregator to upload each attachment, then continue with the rest of your scenario.


Hi there!

Thanks for the reply! I tried this, although I don’t understand WHY it works (and would love to understand better if you have a moment to explain) it does stop the scenario erroring when there isn’t an attachment.

However, it hides the google drive link from me in mapping at the final stage so sadly i’ve solved one problem but created another… :slight_smile:

Select the required fields in the Array Aggregator and refer to that instead.


Got it!

Thank you for your help.

So the integrator / aggregator piece… I thought I understood what they do but I guess I need to add to my understanding that they don’t ‘fail’ when the bundle they are looking for isn’t present?

You can cause them to “fail” if there are no bundles, it’s hidden in the advanced settings.



I’ve tested this now and it works well. One final little niggle is that if there are multiple attachments, I’m only getting a link out for one of them. Any idea how to fix that?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, can you provide more information?

You should now be able to remove the “Search for Files and folders” module, and use the outputs from the upload a file module.