Better way to filter or mapping data based on long arguments?

I am working on a scenario that uses the Hazu modules (a web platform) to load data, via several Iterator modules, as they are on different levels, to finally add information to specific objects.

My question relates to the completion of the scenario:

The loaded objects have a “title”, which needs to be matched against a list to decide which attribute this object should get.

This is my solution so far:

I iterate four times over my structure and get budles :

and inside the Snapshot Collection is my title:

In my solution, I set a filter to get the right Bundles with the title in it:

And the I add the Information to my Bundle-Object in the last step. I could do this 25 times to achieve what I need to do, but I’m curious if there’s a more efficient way to set up the filters or to map the information in an other way.

I have the filter settings in different formats, long, wide etc.

What do you think?