Binance HTTP Signature (hmac sha256 hash)

Hey guys!

I tried to setup HTTP POST for Binance Futures Testnet but I keep getting error: code -1022 with message: Signature for this request is not valid.

I read this thread and tried the solution but it does not work :expressionless:

I defined a variable for the signature that I include in the POST request. I tried two solutions for this variable, none of them work:



Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey, check my screenshot from production scenario. It is used in SPOT market.

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Oh God… IT WORKED! Thank you so much @illipasi you’re just the best :pray:

So for the others who need to use the Binance API Signature for Futures with, here is what worked for me:


Step #1 (Get Time):

Step #2 and #3 → I pasted my Secret Key and API Key in 2 separate variables

Step #4 (Send Order):

Make sure the parentheses are properly inserted, I messed up the scenario because of that several times.


Hey @kissbill I am glad it did help you. Now you can optimize scenario by adding multiple variable modules and include Binance urls there too.

It will later save you some money.