Bookmarked tweet as a trigger

Hi, I am trying to use a new bookmarked tweet as a trigger.
I found some information here : Get Twitter Bookmarks
I am very new to API stuff, and I can’t interpret that page in order to know what to put in Make in the red zones in the image below :person_shrugging:

Hey There @Pamela1 , after reading the API Doc that you mentioned , i saw that it is not REQUIRED to pass Query String , its an optional field so if you just remove it by clicking on the cross beside ''Item 1", then your API call will work just fine ,
Let me know if this helps .


the module sends no error when I “run once” the module:

But I don’t get any tweet ID in the output:

Hey @Pamela1 ,
The Status Code 401 in your output screenshot implies that the client request has not been completed because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the requested resource.
You must first Authenticate your twitter account .
Read this for more Info OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code with PKCE
Below are the required scopes


I am not a developer, so API stuff is a little bit like Chinese to me :sweat_smile:
I already configured two twitter connections (V1 and V2) I am using to post tweets in other scenarios.
Can I use some twitter module to perform the authentication?

I would gladly accept some help to get my bookmarked tweets in Make. :pray: :pray:

I wrote a PM to @Konrad_Schafers because it seems he managed to do it, but no response for the moment.

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