Botpress - Question yes/no logic populating Google Sheets issue

I’m not sure if this is in the scope of Make but thought I’d submit my issue to see if there’s a possible solution.

I have a workflow where it asks the user if they would like to ask a question, if they choose “Yes” they can ask a free form question. If they choose “No” then it takes them to the end of the flow.

What I’ve found is that if they ask a question the Make data capture works and it populates my spreadsheet, but if they answer “No” then then nothing is captured, the scenario stays idle waiting for data.

What I’m trying to essentially do is populate the Google sheet even if they choose “No”, as the question is more an optional part of the flow and not required.

I have a Botpress Webhook and Google Sheets scenario setup and everything is mapped and connected.

I hope I have provided enough info to go on.

hey @MaxW

Can you confirm that the payload for when the user chooses ‘no’ is sent from the webhook source, and whether it is received on Make? (you can check for webhook logs on Make)

If the POST request was not sent successfully, then you may need to recheck your code.
If the payload is received by Make but does not trigger the scenario, then you should definitely reach out to Make Support.