Break error handling

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I have a very simple scenario just for testing purposes (pic below). I’ve added the break error handling and set: Allow storing of Incomplete Executions to “Yes”. Then, I’ve forced the gmail module to error out by setting it to send to an invalid email. However, after it errors out, the Break handler never retries, it just ends the run and when I try to run again (even after waiting the time indicated in the “Interval between attempts” from the break module) it tells me: “Scenario can not be executed because it has unresolved records in incomplete executions.”

Maybe I’m not understanding the break module correctly but how can I have it retry after the indicated amount of time?


Hi @Han_Gu,

When the Break directive is used in an error handler, the record is saved in the ‘incomplete executions’ tab on the detail page of the scenario.

One important thing you must do, is to allow storing incomplete executions. But it seems you have done so.

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