Broken links when collecting data from different forms through one webhook


I’m using one Webflow Webhook to get data from multiple forms. I then lead the data through a filtered router to different destinations within the scenario. E.g. different mail recipients and Google Sheet documents for notifications and data storage.

The problem is that the Webhook only store the form structure and field names from the most recent run. This results in broken field name links when a form submission makes it through the filter for one of the others router paths than the one it just ran.

Is it really necessary to make separate scenarios and Webhooks for every form? To streamline all the forms field names and number of fields would be a bad solution.


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I’m somewhat unclear what exactly you are asking for. However, here are some thoughts that might help:

  1. You can still reference variables that are not supplied. They will be evaluated as null when not given.
  2. You can use “Exists” & “Does not exist” operators with filters to control operations for values that may not always be there.
  3. The ifempty() function can be used to provide defaults to null values.
  4. You can convert your data to JSON and save/recall values using Datastores.

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Thanks for your help Jim! The linguistic barrier can sometimes be a problem in these technical questions :slight_smile: // From Sweden.

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No problem… I have problem with english goodly myself.

Did you get your problem solved?