Bug? My sceneario running forever

Hi, it looks like I have a bug. Every time I test the operation, the system keeps searching forever and always bringing the same data in “Search Notion”. It’s funny that I always used this “Search Notion” and it worked perfectly. I would like to know why my system keeps running forever even though I’ve already tried to recreate it, etc. and the bug always starts in that second “Search Notion”. If I run only it, it also returns countless data (the same data), whereas it should return 1 or 2 data. I do not know what to do… Thanks.

Hi, how is the module set up? What type of error are you getting? I think any context, details, and screenshots you can provide would be helpful - thanks!


No error appears, it just keeps making the request forever and spending several operations. In general, this module only uses 1 operation.

I believe I solved the problem. Need to put some Array Aggregate

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Hello @ti welcome to the community :blob_wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in and say awesome work figuring this out :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for circling back here and sharing what did the trick for you with the rest of the community. This could prove incredibly helpful to many folks in the future. :pray:

Keep up the great work :four_leaf_clover:

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