Building a search engine with make and webflow

I am trying to build a search engine, using webflow as the frontend. I am looking into make as a possible solution for some of my problems but wanted to ask more experienced users if make can help me. I hava a front page and search bar built with webflow. I want to send a search term from user input to a mongoDB, which then performs some logic and returns a list of results.

Could somebody explain the process of once a list of results is generated, what happens from here on to display the results to the user? Is this someone Make can help facilitate? Which page would results be rendered on? Is this some kind of runtime generated results url? How would this work?

This question probably also relies on some webflow knowledge but if anyone has any experience in the area their answer would be appreciated. Just trying to make it all make sense in my head before I go try and do it, and wanted to see if Make is the way for me.

i looked into something similar albeit for a different purpose but I couldn’t find an out-of-the-box solution to display responses from Make. I ended up using “webhook responses” module and a custom ajax solution. Have at look this video on the Make Youtube channel… it is really helpful

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