Bulk data upload/update in Google Bigquery

Hi there,

I am trying to use make.com to put publicly available data into a Bigquery database.

I manage to get the data as json with an Http request.
I manage to get tables for Bigquery.
I manage to add one row in a table in Bigquery.

But I don’t manage to bulk upload my json to a specific Bigquery table.

Do you have any idea on how to do it ?

Thanks a lot !


This is a bit hard to replicate but one way to do this is using the chrome extension (integromat dev tool) (Integromat DevTool - Chrome Web Store)

you add one row and then inspect the module that did the respective action. In my specific example it will be add a row.

Here’s a quick example with for google sheets. The logic is more or less the same.

Essentially, what you do is that you copy the URL and modify with dynamic parameters and then make an API call.

Hopefully this sets you on the right path! :slight_smile: