Calendly missing Location & Event date/time

I’m not sure how insane i’m going but I can not for the life of me find Calendly’s location and event date/time scheduled data. I’m beyond surprised two of the most important pieces of data from a scheduling app aren’t coming through. Not sure what to do.

(I get them when I’m zapier, but I don’t want to use zapier)

Looks like you are using the Watch Events module. I recommend you to use the Get an Event module at the second place in scenario and map the event id from first module.

The Get Event module will give you complete details of the event.

Like this.

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I actually do already have a get even after it to test and it reproduces the same exact info. Also if you notice in your screenshot there is still not Location or Event Date/Time data as well.

I just shown you the dummy module without actual data however I would be able to help if you can share the JSON payload of your Get an Event module output.

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Looking at the data coming in from zapier on it, it appears it should be in an array under “Event”. However, is returning a URL instead of an array.

Hi @pickle,

Try Get an Event Module instead of Get an Event Type and see if that yields any data that you are looking for.

There was another post last week on the same issue, so, I am not sure if it returns those data when using Get an Event module, but give it a try and see if Location & Event date/time is there.

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Same deal sadly:

At this point I’m just going to assume it is not possible, which doesn’t make sense because it pretty much defeats the point of calendly.

Hi @pickle - just set up a Test account for Calendly and ran a test scenario. Looks like the List Events module is the one you want.

Still - seems strange that this info isn’t available in the Get Event Module.


Thank you so much!!!

Side note, what did you use to get the organization URI and User URI for the List Events Module? I want to get the location and event start time once an event is created.

You’re welcome!

These were available as drop downs in the List Events module. But if you want them explicitly then you can get them with the List Organisation Memberships module.

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