Calendly & Notion


I need to make an automation to add any new or modified event from Calendy To a Notion DB called “meetings and calls”, which is calendar format. BUT, I cannot seem to find the “date” field during the setup, therefore, I cannot seem to make the scenario work as I need it to be.

Any insights on what I have done wrong?

Hello @Mythily, does your Notion database have a Date property? Or are you using the “Created time” / “Last edited time” for the calendar view?

If you’re using one of those, you’d need to create a Date property in your Notion database. Else, let us know more details

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Yes I have a date property! That’s why I don’t understand why I don’t see the field “date” on Make.

Should I use “timestamp” to retrieve the date of the meeting?

Contact and Company will be added Manually later on. (relations to other DBs)

Thanks for sharing! And could you send a screenshot of what you have in Make? Both the full scenario, and what you see when you open the Notion module, please?

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Yep, here you are.

I just need the date of the meeting, the name of event.
Ideally also have the budget (it’s one of the 3 questions I ask when the client choose a time slot on calendy, along with their name, company & linkedin link, but I don’t have properties for that and it’s ok)

The rest is usually filled during the meeting.

Thank you, so it sounds like you are not getting the event date from the Calendly module. So, you can’t map the event date to the Notion module.

Here’s something you may try: add the Calendly “Get an Event” module after your “Watch Events” module. Use the event URL on the “Get an Event” module. That may retrieve all the data of the event, including the date (should be named “Start Time”), which you can then map in the Notion module.

Let us know how that goes

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Hi Simo,

Tha automation works on Make BUT, it still doesn’t seem to retrieve the “start time” info from the “get event info” even if everything is mapped.
And all the info I can retreive from Calendly’s webhook is “invitee created” and “Invitee canceled”

Mh very unfortunate and I can’t seem to replicate this in my own environment. In your first picture, what happens if you “Select All” for the events, then select the organization URL and the user?

Then try to run again and see if anything changes?

Oh the user & URL are filled, same thing happens.

Free version of Make and paid version of Calendly. Don’t know why it is SO HARD to set up an easy automation -_-