Can google form automatically trigger new submission?

Hello. I just created a new scenario that connects google form, drive, and sheet. I want when an image is just uploaded trought google form, automatically I can get the data/file in google sheet without click the start button. How is it possible ? Thanks

I think Google Forms can already directly populate new form submissions in a linked Google Sheets document. Not quite sure about images though.


When you are making the google form, there is an option on top to store the responses directly in a sheet. There is no need to use a make automation for this.

Go to Responses → Link to Sheets and you can either choose a sheet to store them, or generate a new one.


Hi @CV_MAS_automation_2
You can click on first module and change it to run on scdule and set time and then save it now it wil work automatically without clowa run once.

And yea you can link directly a sheet with a form but it will not show you a image but a drive link where image is.

If you want to see a image directly in a sheet not a link. Just save image in somewhere like Ftp to have public link and get image function set in sheet to see image.

Thank you.