Google Form adds rows to Sheet - how to be notified with each new row?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get some SMS notifications every time someone fills a google form that I created. This Google Form automatically saves the information into a new row.

So far, I have tried using the Google Watch Changes without any success:

I copied the webhook and used the Addon to add that information to the google sheets

Am I doing something wrong?

Yes for sure. No need for the manual webhook. The module should do it. Show a run to see what output bundles are being sent. ( the little bubbles)

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Sorry for the late reply.

I am using the Watch Rows instant, so I still need that hook.

Can you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your make scenario for me, along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

Ok, here it goes

I need a instant scenario, so that once a request is done, I get a notification.

Using the Google Sheets, Instant Acid option

Which requests me to use a webhook and I used in the google sheet

And then the final step is sending me a message

No changes in these settings as well

Now, if I go to Google Forms and add a request, a row is added, but nothing happens.

Thanks for your time and help with this.

It seems that when the row is filled by google form or other tool then the addon doesn’t call the webhook. It works great when you manually fill in the row.

Anyway at this moment I would recommend you using Watch rows module with 1 minute interval and set reasonable amount of bundles to be processed, then use Text aggregator and then send it via notification (also you don’t need text aggregator, but in case of more rows in a minute, you will get few notification instead of one).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I ended up by doing this

Where each day, at a certain time, it checks for new replies and send me a notification. Isn’t perfect, but it kind of works.


@Cyrus3v I was searching for a way to trigger my flow after each google form submission and came across your post.

I was able to solve for this by doing the following:

  1. Setup my Google Form (in Google) to notify me via email of each new submission.
  2. Setup a filter on my Gmail (in Google) to forward emails from google forms to a mailhook (in the webhook module in make)
  3. The mailhook has an instant trigger, so when it receives the forwarded email from my gmail it triggers the scenario, but since the trigger has none of the data from the Google Form, I actually use this trigger to send a make api call to make. See this post on the run scenarios via api.
    🔥 Feature Spotlight: Scenario Inputs, On-Demand Scheduling, Run Scenarios via API
  4. The scenario it triggers starts with a Google Forms module, which when triggered will find the most recent Google Form response and all the associated data which I can then use in the scenario.

This is quite a complicated workaround, especially for your use case, but maybe someone searching on how to do this in the future will find my response here helpful. If there is enough interest I can submit a showcase post on this with screenshots and blueprints.

EDIT: I found a much more efficient workaround thanks to ChatGPT code. Sharing here:

  1. Go to the Google Sheet that is linked to the Google Form, and in extensions, navigate to ‘apps script’

  2. See screenshot below. (Code is from ChatGPT so I can’t speak to how efficient it is but it works, code will be at the bottom of this post)

  3. Add the trigger so the code will run whenever the form is submitted

Good luck and I think this is the method I will use in the future if I need instant triggers from a Google Form.

const WEBHOOK_URL = "";

function onFormSubmit(e) {
  // Get the form response data as a key-value map
  var formData = e.namedValues;

  // Convert the form data to a JSON object
  var data = {};
  for (var key in formData) {
    data[key] = formData[key][0];

  // Prepare and send the HTTP request to the webhook
  var payload = JSON.stringify(data);
  var options = {
    method: "post",
    contentType: "application/json",
    payload: payload
  UrlFetchApp.fetch(WEBHOOK_URL, options);

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cool solution!! I’m curious though if there is a simpler solution. I haven’t tested this but each google form has a corresponding google sheet where the submitted answers are stored. could you not watch that sheet for changes and use that as a trigger?

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I haven’t tested the watch google sheet, but earlier in this thread it sounded like when the google form (or other tool) adds data it wasn’t triggering the make scenario.

I’m still exploring options but the Apps Script version I kind of like, I even tested adding more questions to the Google Form and redetermine the data structure, and the new question/answer shows up.

Curious if anyone else can add to this discussion that has more experience with Google Forms.

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Thank you for the solution. I will have a look and see if I can make it work.

Hi Joseph,
I’m trying to do what you kinldy suggest.
I have a form which records into a Google sheet the input data and then I transform text into audio. If I schedule th service every 15 minutes it’s ok, but I would like to do at the same time I submit the form.
So I have 2 problems: the first problem is that when i subit the form the function does not start automatically.
If I try to start it manually I have got an error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘namedValues’)
at onFormSubmit(Codice:5:20)
If I understand what you did, I have to modify my scenario, the firt module will be a Webhook instead of watch sheet, right?
Thank you.

Hi @Andrea

Correct. I created a webhook as the start of my scenario. It uses the instant trigger, so it starts the scenario when it is called. If you haven’t used a webhook before, I recommend reading a bit about it on Makes help section. Just remember to ‘redetermine the data structure’ if you make changes to the google form in the future.

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You are very kind Joseph.
By the way I used the telegram bot which was fine for me (i had to transform text into an mp3 speech) and leaved google forms. Thanks anyway