Instant Watch Changes trigger for Google Form Response Sheet not working?


I’m trying to set up a scenario where whenever a new entry in Google Forms is submitted (therefore creating a new row in the corresponding Google Sheet), a message will be sent to a specific Slack channel. However, to make sure that we record the entries in a timely manner, I wanted to use the “Watch Changes” trigger instead of “Watch Rows.” The scenario would be Google Sheets (Watch Changes) → Slack (Create Message),

I’ve followed the guide indicated here to a T, but I still can’t somehow make it work. When I send a sample entry through the Google Form, it gets logged on the Google Sheet, but it’s not sending anything to Slack. The weird thing is that whenever I tried duplicating that same Google Sheet entry in the row below it, the scenario works!

How do I fix this so that whenever a new Google Form entry is submitted and logged on the Google Sheet, the actions would be triggered? Thank you!

Hi @Ver_Marcelo,

As far as I know, the watch changes module does not trigger for API calls. That’s why it triggers when you just copy and paste the row.

Btw. As a form builder I can recommend Tally :slight_smile: completely free and so much more beautiful :+1:t4::sweat_smile:

You might just send the slack message in the same workflow as you add a new row to the sheet though?