Google Form Answers Trigger when Answer is edited by user

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a leave request system using google forms. I’ve already set up a scenario with the “google sheets → watch changes” trigger which worked great manually adding answers in the sheet until I actually submitted a form answer. This doesn’t count as a “change” because the webhook only works with changes made in the actual google sheets app.

So I’ve tried the less convenient way of using the “google forms → watch responses” trigger and this works but I want users to be able to change their requests (which google forms can do) but this change isn’t picked up by the trigger. Is there any way to modify the watch changes hook so it also works for google forms submissions?


There is an option available i.e. Google Sheets (Watch Change trigger) but it would work only when the changes done manually and not by the program (i.e. Google Forms).

That’s what I’m using now but I can’t manually update sheets whenever somebody answers a form. That’s not the point of automation.

:smiley: true, that’s a bottle-neck

Hey, is there an update on this? Could you solve the problem? The Google Sheet “Watch New Row” or the Google Form “Watch Responses” Node doesn’t trigger at all for me :confused:

Unfortunately no :confused:
I wish there was a better way to monitor form answers.