Google forms for Google docs

Hello everyone, I’m wanting to do something like a Google form so that when someone registers they have the spreadsheet that has the answer, they can check it with Watch New Row and play it in the Google document, which I’m doing. It would be like the person enters their name, product and cell phone and it generates a mini note that I made with this data.

Do you want them to show on their browser??

You can easily send an email or SMS with data they have filled though or if you don’t have issue in sharing other entries you can always share the public URL of google sheet through email or SMS back to them by make.

Princy Jain
Make consultant,
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No, I want him to then send the form, receive this spreadsheet update and do what he has to do. Because I’m only able to get it to run when I press the rum button, it doesn’t have that radius at the entrance.

They don’t have that.

Only this one, then it doesn’t run when it receives an update or I really don’t know if there’s a way to do that. ;-;