Can I email module to more than one connection?

:footprints: I made a scenario to get information and attachment files from a webhook.
I then use the information to populate a google sheet which is then uploaded to google drive.
The scenario and with email send google sheet and attachment files from a webhook.

However, I also got a suitable in the webhook which I have no idea how many rows it would have in advance, so I want to add it in the google sheet later but it leads to a branch in my scenario that I can not connect to my email module again.
The scenario is like this:

I would appreciate any suggestion.
Best regards.

Hello @Yodogawa .Welcome to Make community.

You take the information from the webhook that goes on the top route, iterate and then aggregate the information and that information you want to be used to the bottom of the router with a delay?

1.Can you please be more specific and define β€œLater” (what delay you want it to be)?

2.If you want the information on the top route to be used to send email you can use a Set Variable module after module 7 and on the bottom branch after the router use Get Variable to take your data.


@Wemakefuture Thank you for your reply.
The webhook will give information and a table with a yet-to-known number of rows.
The way I try to do this is:
The upper router gets the easy-to-get information, fill it into a form then attaches it to an email
The upper router tries to get data from the table with an unknown number of rows to the same file.
ideally, I would like to have no or minimum delay between router.