Can you edit the email "Text content" to display targeted content in the slack channel

I have an email notification that has a heap of info in it relevant to various teams. I’m trying to break it down and only show whats relevant to each team so the channel isn’t so noisy. Can I use Make to convert the email notification to a slack message and only show the relevant details for that channel. Basically, is there a way to select which parts of the ‘Text content’ to display or can you only include all?

There must be a pattern to break down… if there is no pattern then you can send the subject line or on certain keywords tag relevant people to watch it.

If the email has sections for each team which always start with the team name. You can use REGEX to extract the text relevant to that team.

Blah blah

Blah Blah

You would use REGEX to extract everything starting with Team1: and continuing to the character before Team2: and so on

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