Chat GPT Error 429

hello , regarding Chat GPT Errors
i recived this erorr , and have never used it before
any help please ? i have to buy something there of this is normal

thank you


Do not buy ChatGPT Plus, it doesn’t work on Make

“ChatGPT Plus” and “OpenAI GPT-4 models” models are two separate products.

You might have bought the consumer chat “Plus” version at, which is NOT compatible with Make.

Make uses the commercial “OpenAI GPT-4 models”, only accessible via the OpenAI developer platform.

OpenAI APIs for developer (commercial) use does not have any free plan.

To resolve this issue,

  1. You can buy credits on the OpenAI Developer Dashboard, under Accounts > Billing page

  2. Next, go to the Usage Limits page, and set the Monthly budget field to the same as the value above (e.g.: 120), then save your changes.


More Information

For more information, see



Error 429 is an error code sent back from OpenAI module, which means that you have exceeded your API call rate limit. Please contact OpenAI for increasing your API limits, reference link below,

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks!