ChatGPT problem recongnizying fields of Tally

I have configured a Tally Multipage form to be triggered with new responses and then integrated with ChatGPT to create a text based on the fields answered in the Tally, and then generate a mail with Gmail, and all this data insert a row in a GoogleSpreadSheet.

But ChatGPT is not recognizying the data and the fields.
This is the OutPut of Tally

The fields that I’m interested that ChatGPT receives are two questions with a checkbox (multiple selection). This is the PROMPT configured

As you can see the Error of ChatGPT shows is Bundle Validation Error, it seems that the only parameter that ChatGPT recognize is the Bundle 1

I have tried the Iterator with no positive results, my hypothesis is that I have to do a some type of conversion of the data. Has someone had the same problem or has an idea how to solve these problems.


Is the selection section what you are trying to send to OpenAI?

You will need to Iterate on this array, and use a text aggregator to convert the Tally array into a single long string before you can pass it to OpenAI.


Yes, is the array you selected, this array is the result of the boolean selection I marked in the image below. Should I just iterate the array?

Yeah try iterating over that array, and then using a text aggregator to collect the texts together.
Happy to check over a call if you want to organise one.

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Thank you very much, I’ll try to do it, and get back to you if I don’t succeed.