Check for files properties

Hey community,
My problem: I need to make sure that each video I upload to Dropbox has the correct video dimensions.
I want to create a scenario like any time I upload a video to Dropbox, it checks the frame width and height (screenshot below) and sends an alert if the values are incorrect.

Any clue how to check the values?

Thank you!

@Hezi_Bosmi :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning, so I’m not able to provide a solution to your problem. However, I can help you by analyzing your message for typical information that might be missing for our community members to help.

Could you let us know what steps have you taken so far to resolve your issue?

Also, could you please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community has a deeper understanding of how we could help.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face.

Thank you :make: