Download TypeForm images to Dropbox

Hi everyone,
I am using Make to download data from TypeForm to upload into Monday. The data is all transferring successfully APART from the images. The files that are downloaded into Dropbox are only 1KB in size so I am clearly not getting the data properly. The images are also optional in TypeForm and I am getting an error running the Scenario when an image is not provided. I have tried using the Dropbox ‘Upload a File’ module, as well as the HTTP ‘Get a File’ module without success. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @WoodrowKilns ,

At the community we are not able to look into your scenarios. Can you explain your workflow a bit more by providing screenshots for example?

Next to that, what you can do is either use an if() function to check if there is an image and then upload it, or use routers. That might help you to decide which path the automation should take.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks Drivn,
I can work around the error handling but it’s the file creation that I really need to get working.
Screen Shot ‘Scenario_Full’ shows the part of the workflow in question.
Screen Shot ‘Scenario_HTTP’ shows the config to download a file from the TypeForm response.
Screen Shot ‘Scenario_Dropbox_Upload’ shows the config to upload to Dropbox from the HTTP module.
Screen Shot ‘Scenario_Dropbox_ShareLink’ shows the config to get the shared link to the new file to be displayed in Monday.
I have also tried to upload into Dropbox using the ‘Map’ configuration instead of the ‘HTTP - Get a file’ option but the result was the same.

I can only upload one image per reply so I’ll have to reply a few times to show screen shots.
Scenario Full

Scenario HTTP

Scenario Dropbox Upload

Scenario Dropbox Share Link

@WoodrowKilns So what comes out of this HTTP - Get a file module?
Looks like the value is a text datatype, so I imagine it’s a URL? Does the HTTP module show an error or anything weird?
Most likely this is where it could go wrong.

@Michaela Was this “fixed” with those last changes as well?

I increased the number of images per post for a new user so all should be working now. Thanks for checking!

Hi Drivn,
It turns out there was a ‘Get a Response file’ function as part of the TypeForm module which enabled me to extract the image as required.

Thanks for your assistance.