File not appearing on Mondays

Hello all,

I’m new to make and I seem to have an issue setting up a file upload to mondays. At current, we have a form on our site that passes an array of links (amongst other information) corresponding to the images customers upload when filling in the forms (these may vary from 0-10). I would like to upload these images into the the relevant mondays row of which is already self populating with the from contents. I have been able to do this for all the string data but have had issues passing on these images. I am aware that Mondays do not allow the upload of files by links so I have used an iterator and an HTTP module to seperate and download the files before they are uploaded to Mondays, but this is not working. Although I recieve no errors, nothing appears on my dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my flow can be seen below:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Joao_Marques1

Please check the HTTP output to see if any data is being received as a buffer in the output.

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Thank you for reaching out!

Correct me if im wrong, but looking at the history of my tests, it seems like data was indeed send to mondays:

It has no error messages but seems like nothing has gone through