Issue getting attachment from Gmail and upload to board


Setting up a simple automation to upload files to a monday board.

It seems to work but when I check Monday i’m getting this error message

I checked to make sure the file was small enough. Am I missing a step in the make process or do I need to format the attachment differently?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like you’ve mapped the File > Data incorrectly. You’ve mapped the entire Attachments array into the Data field.

Did you mean to select “Data” from the “Attachments” array?


That worked for uploading the file - thanks Sam!

However, now that I am trying to map the item ID dynamically, it looks like I am running into an error.

I’m pretty sure this issue is because my variable is a name that I am pulling from an email when in fact it needs to be an item ID number (from Monday).

Is there any solution to this?

Hi @Bryan_K

If you want to get the item id from monday, please use search module of monday with your name this will out item id.

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