Uploading Documents to Dropbox Folder from Monday.com

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 1.41.38 PM
Hi I am trying to set a trigger action when I have a new item in my Monday.com board to upload all the files in that item to a folder in our Dropbox account. I have it working until i try to open the actual file in my dropbox and then it says this file is not supported or the document could be damaged.

I have tried several options for the “Data” portion of the dropbox but nothing seems to work. Check out current scenario I have now.

HI there, you need to add in a module to retrieve the actual file - what you are using is just info ABOUT the file, not the file itself. Add in the monday module “Download a file” and be sure to enter the field from the ASSETS not MAPPABLE COLUMNS section of your trigger item. Then you can use the info (Name and Data) from the Download module in your Dropbox upload module.