Uploading a file from unleashed software to monday.com

Hello, i am trying to upload a document from unleashed software, an accounting software, and upload it onto monday.com. i have managed to create multiple items in Monday.com with the correct info to allow for easy mapping however the data field on make.com is where i am struggling to upload an actual pdf file.


right now i am trying to upload one file so that i know what I’m looking for when mapping.

Any help is appreciated

Hey @OdenTrade,

I don’t have the full details. But your “Order Number” or “Sales Order Lines”, is most likely not an actual file. This is presumably just a text string.

You will need to grab the actual pdf order file from Unleashed, if they have that available for download.


i have uploaded some sort of data, it was just the sales order number that you could open on a notepad. but i lost that set up and had to restart. i can download a file from unleashed but i want to automate that whole process if possible