PDFs Generate on One Line

I am executing a scenario which requires generating a PDF in the column of the submission on Monday.com. However, the PDFs are generating into the same line instead of the line corresponding with its matching submission. I attached a screenshot of the mapping for adding the file to the column, as well as a screenshot of the Monday board.

Thank you!

Hi @Alyssa_Ockerman ,

Regarding this topic, where or from what app did you get the PDF file? There are two things here:

1.) IF the PDF file from the trigger or previous app is a URL, you’ll need to add an HTTP - Get a File module and then map the URL so that the data outputted will be in binary format as the Monday module expects a binary file format when uploading a file to an item.

2.) If the PDF file outputted from the trggier or previous app is already in binary format, you can directly map it to that item.

Possible steps to take:

In my example below, I’m using a Gmail Watch emails module where the PDF files(2) are attached.

Now if it’s a new item, you can use the Create an item module to create first the item and then add the “Add a file to a file column” module then map the Item ID from the Create an item module.

I would say that the process/logic is similar if you’re using another app.