PDF generator in Make; Add related rows to a document that is getting the info from the parent row

Hi everyone,

I am having some trouble populating a pdf that generates with a scenario I made in Make.

I am building an FSM that sends the client a report of what a technician has worked on on a specific Work Order. An Order may have one or more services from a catalog, so the technician just adds each item to the Order throughout the service he is providing.

The issue I am having starts when I try to generate the PDF. I have a scenario in Make that populates a docs template, generates de the pdf, saves the document in my clients drive and sends the access link back to my Glide app and the client, so that the techinican can access the report in the app.
I cannot finish to understand how can I populate the pdf with the Work Order (which is already doing) AND the services that the user adds to the Work Order. (so the related rows)

My approach to this was, first getting the row ID of the Work Order. With that, do an http request using “Get Rows” from the catalog services that relate to the Row ID of the Work Order. After that, just mapping the info to the pdf (as the work order works within the document).
Don’t know if its a good approach or I am just not getting something.

I would really appreciate some ideas to help me understand a solution to this.

Hi @fergotz,

Can you share what the output of the first module looks like?

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