Generate PDF files using Airtable and document template

Hi everybody,
I have an Airtable table with all needed information to generate customer invoices, and I would like to use these information to generate a PDF invoice using a predefined document template (with my company’s logo and graphical charter for exemple).
Is there such a free Make module that could generate such PDF files ?
Thanks everybody for your help !

You can go with Google Drive Module. First create a word template. Fill the inputs and convert as PDF.



Oh great, I’ll have a look at this :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Does this also automate emailing the PDF document as an attachment? If not, how will the client get the PDF? Thanks.

PS - In theory, this should be possible with Zoho Writer (for free).

It will generate a Gmail draft with the attached PDF. I think I know how to to this as I’ve generated the PDF