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I am tracking agreements in Adobe Acrobat Sign via make. When a document is signed, I need to post the signed file in file column. How can I do this? I tracked the document status, but I am unsure of how to extract the file from adobe and post it in monday.
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As far as you’re dealing with files, it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to Make. You need to download the file from the source app i.e. Adobe Sign for you, and then you need to upload the file to the destination app i.e. in your case.

I am not sure if Adobe has an endpoint that allows downloading of the file, you can check with their support team for the same.

I’d suggest checking out the following documentation.



I was able to do this via an API call using the Adobe Acrobat Sign Make an API Call module to download the documents.


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I just wanna quickly step in to say congrats on figuring this one out! :clap: Also, thanks a lot for letting the community know what did the trick for you. We all 100% appreciate it. :pray:

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