Monday + Adobe Sign

Hello, Looking for any help with my scenario.
I am trying to connect Monday With Adobe sign.
My goal: We have lots of documents on our boards that need signature of the CEO. Instead of sending it in email, he wants to sign them directly from Monday, and then upload back the signed document.
So this is example of Monday board I have:

We also created a test account for Adobe sign.
So, I am trying to use this scenario:

I’m not sure if I need a download option because all I want is for the signing person to click on the exact file when they’re ready to sign the document, which would then open this document in Adobe Sign for signing. Ideally once the document signed upload the signed version in another column. ( But that’s optional).

Anyway, i receive in error on trying to run scenario.
So I am wondering if someone has done similar scenario or could help me with it? I guess a problem could also appear with mapping.
Thanks in advance for help,