Trying to send out 1 email with multiple attachments from Monday to Gmail

Hi all, New Maker here. Not sure if anyone asked this before so pardon me if i am asking this again.

I have multiple file attachment column in my Monday board for the item. I am trying to attach these files into 1 email and sending it out directly to our customers

for the test, i am using 2 attachments, 1 file attachment column each.
I have used the http module to download the files and using array aggregator to try and lump it together and mapping to gmail module under attachments.

However instead of send 1 email with 2 attachments, i am sending 2 emails with 1 attachment each.

can anyone please advise what i missed out or am doing wrongly please


Looks like the only issue is that you need to change the source module on the aggregator to module 15 (the iterator).

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You are the man! thank you so much. I managed to fix this issue after changing the source module to iterator. Thank you for pointing this out so quickly :heart_eyes: