Multiple attachments from Monday to Gmail


I am trying to download multiple files from a Monday column and attach each of them to the same email. Currently, I can download all the files but when it comes to the email send it wants to send each attachment as its own email. I have attached the scenario screenshot below. I would like to take all the files and attach them to the same email.

Is there any way to take the three files and create a ZIP file using the Archive tool? And then adding that ZIP as the attachment for the email?

I tried doing that but kept running into the same problem of it wanting to send three different emails. The Download a File Monday Module is downloading lets say three files, but I need to then aggregate those three files into one ZIP file and that is where I am having trouble.

Nevermind, figured it out. Had to aggregate the output bundles and then iterate them again into the Archive module.

Hi @Luke_Sellers :wave:

Awesome that you managed to figure this out :muscle: Thanks a lot for circling back to the community and sharing your solution with us. We 100% appreciate that :sunglasses: