"Choose Where to Start" menu FUBAR?

Am trying to create a Scenario in which step 1 is for the scenario to watch my Wordpress site and trigger when a New User is added. Simple.

The “Choose Where to Start” menu in the Wordpress module is giving me fits. There are only 3 options. In Chrome, none of these three options produce a dropdown or a field. In Opera, two of them produce a drop-down but when I make a selection…nothing happens. So when I run the scenario I’m getting back 5 user records (5 being the default number of records per cycle, I think it’s called). This continued ALL DAY yesterday returning 5 at a time even though NO NEW USERS were added. Then, it just stopped this morning. ???

How hard can this be? All I want this thing to do is trigger if a New User has been added since the last time the system checked (15 mins prior).

What am I missing here? Surely I can’t be the first guy to experience this.

You can choose all, and run the module once, after this it will only return new users.