Choose x% times module A, x% times module B

Hi I hope you’re fine.

I set up a scenario that generates several countries.
France, Germany, England, Spain.

These countries will be put in a CSV.
I would like :
France to be included 85% of the time to the csv.
Germany 5% of the time.
England 5% of the time.
Spain 5% of the time.

Here a screen to get a visual.

Do you have an idea / a solution ? I’m lost :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.

Hello :blob_wave:,

You could incorporate logic by randomizing numbers from 1-100 and 1-3 and multiple scenario routes with the same ending (Google Sheets module) but different modules used (ChatGPT).

Statistically, from unlimited random pics from numbers 1-100 all numbers will be equally distributed.
Based on this, you could use the random number generator and use 2 scenario routes one with numbers 86-100, the second for 1-85. One route will then be used in 15% of all executions and the second in 85%.

The 15% route would then be split into 3 with a similar logic.
In the long run, one route would be used in 85% of all executions, the rest routes in 5% each.

I hope it makes sense.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: