ClickUp subtasks not being returned

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I am trying to send specific custom fields from subtasks when their parent task changes status. However, the “List Subtasks for a Task” module is not returning any data. Is this my mistake or an issue with the module?

The task in the screenshot definitely has subtasks.

Hi. In this case I recommend you use the API Calls module as described in the doc below. This way you will have more control about the results and can debug more easily.


Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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Not great for a non-API pro like myself… but the module to get the task is now working so maybe it was a temporary issue.

@Diana If the task was updated with some custom field data, and this triggers the “watch module” it might have some delay to show to you.
To be sure you always get the correct data, it might be good to add a sleep into the scenario (like 1-3 s).

Hope this helps you!

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Hey @Diana! :wave:

We’re all eager to see if @Bjorn.drivn’s latest reply was helpful and if you’ve made any progress toward finding a solution. Would you mind updating us when you get a chance?

Thank you :raised_hands: