Getting the parent task of a ClickUp subtask

I’ve got a ClickUp module that listens for tasks in a list to be updated from custom status “scheduled/submitted” to “completed.” What I’m actually looking for is a subtask called “interview” to get this status change. I then want to get this subtask’s parent task, which is the applicant record. The output of the listening module looks like this:

        "event": "taskStatusUpdated",
        "history_items": [
                "id": "3074174853394672917",
                "type": 1,
                "date": "2022-07-28T18:00:39.735Z",
                "field": "status",
                "parent_id": "182559067",
                "data": {
                    "status_type": "done"
                "source": null,
                "user": {
                    "id": 54083983,
                    "username": "Robert McKay",
                    "email": "",
                    "color": null,
                    "initials": "RM",
                    "profilePicture": null
                "before": {
                    "status": "scheduled/submitted",
                    "color": "#AF7E2E",
                    "orderindex": 2,
                    "type": "custom",
                    "start": null,
                    "end": null,
                    "date_added": null
                "after": {
                    "status": "completed",
                    "color": "#1bbc9c",
                    "orderindex": 5,
                    "type": "done",
                    "start": null,
                    "end": null,
                    "date_added": null
        "task_id": "3qpp8w3",
        "webhook_id": "24999154-40a9-4446-94dc-4e45c780f7a2"

I figured the parent_id field would be the parent task ID, but it’s not. I’m not sure where it’s getting this number from actually. The ClickUp parent task ID is #3qpp8vp, which isn’t getting returned in the Watch Tasks output. Does anyone know a way to get a parent task given a subtask in ClickUp?


parent id is likely the folder.

Have you used the get task module to see if you can get additional info?

If not, if you have the folder id, you can get all tasks and see if you can filter for one with a subtask matching the subtask id. That second one is a less good approach.