Getting the parent task of a ClickUp subtask

I’ve got a ClickUp module that listens for tasks in a list to be updated from custom status “scheduled/submitted” to “completed.” What I’m actually looking for is a subtask called “interview” to get this status change. I then want to get this subtask’s parent task, which is the applicant record. The output of the listening module looks like this:

        "event": "taskStatusUpdated",
        "history_items": [
                "id": "3074174853394672917",
                "type": 1,
                "date": "2022-07-28T18:00:39.735Z",
                "field": "status",
                "parent_id": "182559067",
                "data": {
                    "status_type": "done"
                "source": null,
                "user": {
                    "id": 54083983,
                    "username": "Robert McKay",
                    "email": "",
                    "color": null,
                    "initials": "RM",
                    "profilePicture": null
                "before": {
                    "status": "scheduled/submitted",
                    "color": "#AF7E2E",
                    "orderindex": 2,
                    "type": "custom",
                    "start": null,
                    "end": null,
                    "date_added": null
                "after": {
                    "status": "completed",
                    "color": "#1bbc9c",
                    "orderindex": 5,
                    "type": "done",
                    "start": null,
                    "end": null,
                    "date_added": null
        "task_id": "3qpp8w3",
        "webhook_id": "24999154-40a9-4446-94dc-4e45c780f7a2"

I figured the parent_id field would be the parent task ID, but it’s not. I’m not sure where it’s getting this number from actually. The ClickUp parent task ID is #3qpp8vp, which isn’t getting returned in the Watch Tasks output. Does anyone know a way to get a parent task given a subtask in ClickUp?