ClickUp - Trigger for overdue tasks?


I want to build an automation that watches for Overdue tasks in Clickup and follows up with the appropriate person responsible.

However, it seems that there is no ready-made trigger for that. I searched the community but only found a 2-year old automation that seemed quite complex and I wasn’t sure whether it may be outdated with the newest Clickup 3.0 (apologies).

Anyone using such an automation properly? Thank you!

The ClickUp support team says to use the “Get Filtered Team Tasks” API endpoint.

This translates to the “List Filtered Tasks” module.


Unfortunately this is not an INSTANT trigger, so you’ll have to run it on a schedule.


Thank you very much, that’s certainly helpful.

Do you know how I tag someone in Slack? When I add @name to the text it prints it, but without actually tagging the person so that he gets a notification.

No problem, glad I could help!

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