ClickUp - Template - Edit Tasks that are Overdue

Trying to help the missing feature at ClickUp detailed on:

I created a template that could help:

The blueprint is attached.
clickup_edit_tasks_that_are_overdue.json (14.7 KB)


Heya @AndyDaSilva52 this is some seriously good stuff, thanks a bunch for sharing it with us! So very appreciated :pray:

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This automation is amazing, thank you so much!

I import the blueprint but I keep getting a BundleValidationError for the task_id, I might have done something wrong :sweat_smile:.
Do you have an idea on what I’m missing?

I tried to reach for the Template, but the link doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you again!

Hi @DEL-ightful

You have to make some minor configurations and if you need to change what you want to Edit for the tasks.

I made a short video showing the import of the blueprint.json and a basic config.

I hope it helps!

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