Compare two data sources ( and Elementor Forms for Google Sheets)

Guys, I’m quite new to this world of automations, so if you could be patient with me in case I say something wrong, I appreciate it.

I have an automation halfway done here and would like your help to complete it.

I have a website where people register on Elementor forms, leaving their name, email, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Next, they schedule a meeting on, choosing the best day and time for our virtual meeting.

I’ve already managed to set up an automation on Zapier to automatically send everyone who registers on Elementor forms to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Now I would like to update this same spreadsheet when someone schedules a meeting on

Has anyone done something similar or can help me?

P.S. The screenshots are in Portuguese because I am Brazilian.

Hey @Thiago_Salas

I believe this should be very much achievable and your scenario would be similar to this:

The Search Rows module would be set up to search the Google Sheet using a unique identifier that can be retrieved from the booking.

Then, the Update a Row module would take the row number that was returned in the Search, and update the same row where the entry was found.

Google Sheets (

I hope this helps.