Google sheet, fill a cell with a specific test related to a "select" field of an elementor form

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Hi to everyone, I have the following process:

1-the customers fill an order form created with wp elementor

2-the form is connected to a Google sheet by Make and the fields details are transfered there

On the form there is a “select” type of field with 3 possible answered.

I need to transfer a different text on the sheet related to the answer choose from the customer

Example :
If the answer is 1 then write x in the cell of the sheet

If the answer is 2 then write y in the cell of the sheet

If the answer is 3 then write z in the cell of the sheet

Could I do this in some way?


You can do it via switch function or the switch module in Make.

Basically, as the Screeenshot, X,Y,Z are the fixed value that you get from the selection option and Type A, Type B are the value that you want to write in Gsheet.

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