Conditional formatting of Array using Microsoft Word Templates

Hii My Dear Community!

I’m wondering whether creating tables using the Microsoft word Template allows for Conditional formatting.

e.g. the Results column in my table containing Positive/Inconclusive/Negative- and I want the row to be yellow/red based on that.

Conditional Formatting of tables is Available in Word, question is whether the formatting carries over when creating templates with Make


Hello :wave:t5:

Unfortunately, the “Microsoft Word Templates” modules do not support formatting of any kind.
They support only plain text with no HTML characters/items.

As far as I know, they do not use Microsoft API but a different tool.

It then might be better to use "***Google Docs***" modules where you can create new documents (tables) using HTML code (which should support such formatting).
You could then export the Google documents from Google Drive using the built-in "convert" feature below.

This topic might also help create dynamic HTML tables for document creation.

I hope it helps.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: